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About The Country Cookbook


Meal time is important in rural New Zealand. It’s a way of fuelling up for a big day on the land. It’s thanking farm workers or farm advisers with a scone at morning smoko. It’s catching up on the latest news (if you tune into us at midday!) while refuelling at lunch. It’s taking a quick squiz at the budgets over a mid-afternoon muffin. It’s coming together as a family in the evening, amidst sometimes hectic seasons.  
Just as important as a good graze, is looking after yourself and those around you. That’s why we’re raising funds from The Country cookbook to ‘Will To Live.’ Elle Perriam and her sisters Sarah and Kate are doing a remarkable job in their quest to provide on-going awareness and education to vulnerable young rural New Zealanders, who are often isolated from essential mental health services. We are extremely proud to support them in this journey, as you should be too.  
As Kiwis, we love a good roast. So, New Zealand’s farmers - stand up and take a bow. The meat and vegetables you produce are truly the finest in the world. You’ll see roasts of all varieties on farm tables up and down the country in every kind of weather. Although there’s never a bad time for a roast, there’s also never a roast as good as Mum’s! But hopefully you’ll enjoy several adaptations in this book. 
Here at The Country, in the same way we all like to think we rule the roost, we all like to think we’re the best cook. We’ve enlisted the help of our workmates, sponsors and valued contributors to our show to bring you this cookbook and hopefully brighten up a meal or two for you. Just blame Lashes if anything goes wrong. Jamie always does!  
So, from our tables to yours - enjoy, nourish yourself and keep working the land with pride.  
Thank you for feeding us.  
The Country team – Jamie, Ro & Lashes

Jamie, Rowena, Lashes